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meet the scientists.

Andrea Mielke, AKA Ms. MielkeWAY, is a scientist, Ph.D. Candidate in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and has been committed to reimagining science education throughout her career. Her methods have redefined expectations leading to extraordinary results.

Ian Mielke, AKA MYSTER-IAN, has discovered the perfect way to integrate a multitude of degrees and talents to the fullest. His experience in Early Childhood Education, innovation, construction, and design inspires him to imagine and construct “out of this world” learning environments, allowing scientists to be completely immersed in every lesson. 

Bachelors of Science- Biology
University of Georgia
Bachelors of Arts- Italian Studies
University of Georgia
Masters of Education- Educational Leadership
University of Georgia 
Masters of Education- Science Education
University of Georgia

Doctor of Education- Ph.D. Candidate
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Walden University

Dr. Mielke WAY

MielkeWAY is founded on love, family, respect, hope and truth. When children spend 90% of their school day being taught to the next standardized test, they miss the passion for learning and the long term retention of the materials!  
Here, they will be celebrated for their individuality, for thinking outside of the box, for challenging themselves.  Failures will be embraced, and together we will change our strategy and perservere until we succeed.  Our students will be immersed in real LIFE as opposed to text books, and we will nurture the learning of the WHOLE child.
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