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this series of science sessions are going to blow your mind! 


"Really Fun Science" is an enrichment program designed to inspire students of all ages to fall in love with the wonderful world of science! Each session meets one day a week after school for a month. Sessions will run throughout school year. (Make sure to check out our camps too!) Our sessions fill up quickly- sign up right away!


The sessions will allow students an opportunity to explore the wonders of science and math through creative and exciting (most importantly messy and fun) hands-on activities. This non-conventional method of teaching will build higher order thinking skills along with creating a challenging environment in which the young scientists can enhance their knowledge. All classes are taught by certified teachers with advanced graduate degrees who are enthusiastic and dedicated to forming young scientific minds for the future.



    "Really Fun Science"

After School Enrichment

Not just a class... it's the adventure of a lifetime.

Just a few examples of our




Lighting Bolts and Electromagnets! 

In this electrifying session, Really Fun Scientists will investigate the science of electricity and magnetism and nanotechnology, while performing and participating in SHOCKING experiments and demonstrations!  



Dinosaurs, Rocks, Minerals, Fossils and More!

Future Paleontologists and Geologists, and Treasure Hunters will unearth a raptor skeleton, excavate precious gems, and even learn to pan for gold this session! Really Fun Science ROCKS!

Science of the Future

What an incredible era to grow up in. Our Really Fun Scientists will be shaping the world

as we know it. This month they will get a glimpse into the future and get their hands on current technology as well as begin coding, programming, engineering and innovating the science of the future! There will not be a dull moment in sight- get ready for a wild ride! DRONES, ROBOTS, CODING, AUGMENTED REALITY, VIRTUAL REALITY AND MORE! 

Cirq du Science

Manipulating props to demonstrate the laws of physics has always been a crowd pleaser.  When the props are set on fire and music is added, the PHYSICS performance becomes a memory that lasts a lifetime!  Spinning poi, hula hoops on fire, fire breathing- this is the show of a lifetime!

Superhero Science

Superheroes can handle crushing weights, punishing forces, and 10,000 volts of electricity, but can they stand up to PHYSICS?! Physics is the natural science that involves the study of MATTER and its MOTION and behavior through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. Naturally, a superhero- who has the ability to defy the laws of physics- is the perfect subject to study in order to learn all about this fascinating branch of science! 


Grossology is the outrageous alternative to a really boring biology and health class, covering topics such as: the science behind the body's most disgusting features, growing and glowing germs, and creepy, crawlies.  

The last week will be our first annual PUNKIN’ CHUNKIN’  EVENT!


SPACE, the final frontier!

Come join REALLY FUN SCIENCE this September and take a trip to outer space!   This will be an out of this world adventure for our scientists. Telescopes, lights, lasers, atmosphere and gases…we will even experience the feeling of what NASA calls “MICROGRAVITY”- the force that causes astronauts to float in space. It is our mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new facts, and to boldly go BIGGER AND BETTER than any group of explorers have ever gone before!

~Gene Roddenberry and Really Fun Science


“A-MAY-ZING.”  This session is all about good, old fashioned, summer FUN (with a bit of a science twist!)  WATER BOMBS AND WATER BLOBS ARE THE PERFECT WAY TO WRAP UP A SPECTACULAR YEAR OF REALLY FUN SCIENCE! Running through Non-Newtonian Fluid Pits, bubbles, and homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream are a few more of the highlights! This class is only open to students who have participated in at least three months of After School Enrichment classes. 



Come on a journey of chemical reactions in this advanced chemistry experience of a lifetime! 

This thrilling five week class will explore the extreme science of chemistry. We'll explore polymers, acids, bases, different types of chemical reactions, and more! Our finale will be UNFORGETTABLE~ even the teachers are jumping out of their skin for this class!


AMAZING Animal Adventure

Our special 2 week mini-session is all about animals!  We will be having an Exotic Animal Specialist as a guest speaker.  She will be bringing some of her four legged and feathered friends that are excited to meet you! The second week will be a CREATURE FEATURE~ KIDS AND SQUIDS edition! We will learn about animal adaptations, behavior, and anatomy. It is sure to be a super, slimy, great time. 



The Magic of Science allows everyone to become a magician! Everything done in this session looks and acts like a real magic trick. The only real trick is that everything done is science at work.  Science, studies in chemistry, light, magnetism, optical illusions, physics, and mathematics are all demonstrated in an energetic, hands-on adventure- perfect for children of all ages. Everything performed has a scientific principle behind it, however each of these topics will appear to the audience as a challenging and astonishing magic trick.  If that wasn't cool enough...sometimes we'll tell you how to do the trick at home!



Get ready for some sizzling excitement! Join us for SAFE and scientific fun with fire and ice! Learn about the amazing properties of fire and witness the impossible (we might even light Mr. Ian on fire!). Then, cool off with spectacular demonstrations involving snow and ice, just in time for winter! Get ready to check out the “Big Burp”, the “Screwdriver Sizzle” and the famous “Mad Science Shower.”  Ice is SO cool!



Calling all ghouls and gobblins, come and join us for our annual Creepy, Crawly Science Spooktacular every October.  We will dissect cow eyeballs, explode pumpkins and make jack-o-lanterns breathe fire! If a little candle inside a jack-o-lantern seems a little boring, you will LOVE watching our flaming pumpkin that erupts in flames all colors of the rainbow!  Come ready to have your mind blown!



Up, Up and Away! – You think homework is pressure? Just wait until you learn how the weight of the earth’s pressure pushes down on you with the force of two elephants! Explore how Bernoulli’s principle creates enough lift to make a jumbo jet fly or how air pressure can be used to launch different rockets into the sky. Watch in amazement as our vortex generator creates giant smoke rings. Want even more pressure? Take a ride on our amazing mielkeWAY special Hovercraft! This session will leave you flying high!



This is our most colorful session yet!  Who knew so many branches of science could be studied when learning about color?!  Just a few of our demonstrations and experiments in this session include- density, refraction, nature of light and prisms, flame tests, tie-dyed milk, making our own vortex rings, and the science of fireworks.


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