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Phew... we are signed up. I just got worried. I know that Trent would be sad if he wasn't signed up. Then, I would feel awful for messing it all up lol. He really took off with the rocks, minerals  and panning. He drew a picture of gold in a stream for our neighbor's birthday card. He spent time digging in our yard and at my mom's during spring break. We still haven't found a dinosaur fossil in our backyard. I will alert you immediately when we do. People can't believe it when I tell them about your science program. Mielke Way Science is amazing! Have a great day!

Quote from an Observing Parent:

"Very impressive technique of learning, I as a child would have enjoyed this method of education" 

"You are going to blow up like Butane and Coke!" 

(A parent response, after telling her we are expanding to other schools)

Snapchat image from  a 9th grade student

Frankie will not be in school today as his cough has not abated. This also means he will miss Science after school with Ms. Andrea.  Please inform her as well (also that Frankie was desolated not to be able to attend science!)

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